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100 Million Candle Power Search Light!

Wow! Search Light, infrared or visible modes. Model number: AN/VSS-1(V)2, NSN: 5855-00-137-8289. Government Acquisition cost: $3,858.00. The unit measures 20 1/2" High X 31 1/2" Deep X 30 3/4" Wide. It uses a Xenon, short arc. lamp. With an output of 100 Million candlepower in normal operating range and 150 Million candlepower in Overdrive. You could give a Martian a suntan with kind of power!!! Input power requirements are 28 volts dc. requiring 100 amps in normal operating range and 140 amps in overdrive. The wght of the unit is 230 lbs. with a shipping wght of 335 lbs.

This unit includes a canvass protective covering, Maintenance/Parts Manual, power cable, and control box. Additional wiring will be required depending upon the power source you select.

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