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Another Great Engine Deal from Saturn!

Brand New Surplus 10HP Engines!

Manufactured to EXACT Government Specifications by Teledyne for the United States Department of Defense, these 2 Cylinder Gasoline Engines were designed to power a wide variety of devices such as 5KW Generator Sets, and the Army M274 "Mule". In civilian use, these units have a wide variety of potential applications.

These engines are RFI suppressed and shielded, "fungus proof", and have water proof electronic ignition systems. Each unit is new in the original crate and includes 24V Electric Starter, full documentation and technical service manuals.

Best of all, a VAST supply of replacement and repair parts is available at SURPLUS PRICES! This allows the consumer to purchase these motors with confidence. Potential uses include Airboats, Go Carts, Emergency Power Units, Log Splitters and MUCH MORE!

Originally sold to Uncle Sam for $2,929.00 each, Saturn Surplus has over 50 of these units IN STOCK at only $650.00 each (plus shipping and insurance)! Call for more information and volume discount prices, or come visit us at our Millersburg, PA location.

Note: These Engines have a per unit shipping weight of 249 pounds. These units must be shipped via Truck Freight. Call for a shipping quote to your location!

Read On for Technical Specifications!


Note: While TCM was the primary contractor for these engines, some were manufactured by other companies. All of these engines are built to the same specifications, and all parts are interchangeable regardless of manufacturer
Model Number:
Part Number:
National Stock Number:
Manufacture Date:
Varies: Produced over a long period
Engine Type:
2 Cylinder, Air Cooled
These are NEW (not Refurbished) 2 Cylinder, Air Cooled Engines with Overhead Valves, 24V Electric Starter, and Electronic Ignition
10 H.P. @ 3,600 RPM(USG Rating)
Length: 19 Inches
Width: 24 Inches
Height: 22.10 Inches
205 Pounds
42 Cubic Inches
Other Features:
Radio Frequency Suppressed
Fungus Proofed
Technical Specs and Service Manuals Included
These units are offered for sale AS-IS, with DOA Return.
For more information, call us at 717-692-9500, or E-Mail us.

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